Personal Chef Lara

Are you time poor for cooking or struggling to come up with creative meals when the family ask every night, "What's for dinner?" 


Personal Chef Lara is a personalised food service that comes to you catering for:

-HEALTHY family meals

-Intimate lunch or dinner party

-Girl's night in, KITCHEN TEA, baby showers, hen's party's

-Romantic dinner for two

                                                                                               -Fun and educational cooking classes 


Personal Chef Lara Family Home Cooking Service


1. Contact me 0450 232 504 for a free consultation and quote. 

2. Within 24hours you will receive nourishing personalised menu plans for you and your family.

3. Decide delivery/pick up date and time. 

4. Our chef's will begin shopping for the fresh seasonal produce for your meals. Payment for services is to be made 24 hours before delivery. 

5. Our Chefs will prepare, cook and pack your tasty nutritional meals.

6. Deliver meals to your door labelled with all the appropriate cooking, heating and freezing instructions


Will be discussed along the way.


There is nothing more relaxing than being able to socialise in your cosy living space without having to lift a finger in the kitchen.


Personal Chef Lara Shopping Service 



Personal chef Lara offers a shopping service for those who don't have time to battle the crowded shopping markets but LOVE cooking. Our service provides you with quality seasonal produce, delivers it to straight to your door and includes simple recipe cards for you to use and cook a nourishing meal for yourself at home. 


We shop for produce according to their seasonality, making this option suitable most small family budgets. 



-Contact me 0450 232 504 for a free consultation

-Our chefs will plan and develop recipe kits for 3 nutritional tasty meals

-Our chefs will shop for relevant fresh seasonal produce

-We deliver to your home

Feel free to phone or email for any cooking queries you may have


1. flat $50 menu planning/shopping fee

2. groceries bill 


If you are interested in catering for an Intimate lunch/dinners, Girls night in, Baby showers, Kitchen tea or cooking classes please contact me 0450 232 504 to discuss your needs.








Spaghetti bolognese, Napoletana sauce, Stick chicken wings, meat/vegetarian lasagna, lemon chicken parmesan rissoles,'s all here in Basics. Click to read more

Salads & vegetarian

Delicious, HEALTHY and FRESH. Our salads are a bowl of tasty delight & vegetarian meals are inspired from international flavours & spices. Perfect for all to  read more

Meat & Seafood

Our aim to is source local meat and sustainable seafood products to bring you incredible meals such as  prawn saganaki, Sticky Tumeric and Sesame Chicken, beetroot beef curry..and many more nourishing dished. Click here to read more

Naught but nice

Life is all about balance. So we like to also bring a little sweetness to your meal time. Allow us to prepare desserts such as 4 fruit bourbon crumble, soft centred choc-malt muffins, chia coconut puddings..just to mention a few. Click here to read more