A word from clients....

"Lara served us a wonderful dinner : Tastes of Australia at my home. It consisted of:

 An entree of a Seafood Delight salad with all sorts of different fish with a iceburg lettuce with mango, avocado and a creamy dressing which tasted delightful.

A main course of Jackeroo Lamb Pie in a crust of pomme puree served in small dishes with a lid on it, accompanied with different vegetables with different dressings, which you does not find in Holland. It is difficult to describe the taste but my guests were very enthusiastic  about this course and could not get enough of it.

The dessert consisted of 3 layers of chocolate served with chocolade soil and raspberry jelly: a delight on your tongue!

So this Australian dinner party in Holland was a great succes! I myself was responsable for the different wines to go with the food.

Lara bought all the food with her, made it ready in my kitchen served it and cleaned the dishes, so I ended up with a clean kitchen afterwards"- J. van Eck, Utrecht

"Having had relatively limited expectations of what could be produced in the confined spaces of a sailing boat kitchen, we were incredibly impressed by the quality and diversity of Lara's food, the immaculate presentation and extreme attention to detail in it's preparation. Lara's unfailing passion for the food that she cooks both delights and inspires in equal measures. Healthy, light and plentiful - Lara's food always impressed and was a true highlight of our time on the boat" - Guest onboard Viola of London