Workshop in the kitchen...

Cooking in the kitchen alone can seem like a mundane routine task however by inviting a few friends over & turn it into a party, cooking becomes a lot more entertaining and no longer a chore. There are plenty of reason to throw a cooking party - celebrate the beginning of Autumn, girly night in or in desperate need of kitchen inspiration for your family or self.

Workshops in the Kitchen is a relaxed option to the dinner party service & you will learn many great, simple tips to improve your everyday meals.

Inform me what theme you'd like such as:

  • healthy winter dishes
  • quick meals
  • one dish dinner
  • vegetable dishes to satisfy your family
  • meals that are freezer friendly...whatever it is i'll be happy to discuss your ideas.
Again, leave the shopping & the provision of a variety of 'relaxed' recipes to me. Throughout the 2-3 hour period we'll talk food & I will demonstrate each recipe with the assistance from you & your guests. Only requirement is for you to bring an apron, pen & enthusiasm to take on a role within the workshop kitchen. Once we've tackled the basics you can carry on drinking & chatting with your friend's while I put the finishing touches to the dishes & tidy your kitchen.
At the end at the evening you'll sit down to a banquet of cook friendly recipes & wonderful company.
Min 4 people. Max 14. 

"I'll ensure your guests leave with a little more food knowledge up their sleeve and inspiration to re-use recipes they have learnt in class"